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Artis Statement

My title of my final project is called “No Empty Seats” and its title is self explanatory it is tied with Mason High Schools Famous quote to not drink and drive. It represents something that the school is proud of saying which is why I made this project in the first place because the project called for you to have to make a slogan that went along with the piece. I Figured that it would come down to the drink driving and or not doing drugs and the rough drafts for both didn’t work at all so I went with something that gave a safe image and was kind of widely known and thus this was made.

I drew a chair to symbolize an empty seat and which was the student that something happened to and then to give a sad idea to it I made a long dead flower all the way up the chair to show that the person that was there is dead and even though the flower is dead kind as if It had been there for a while that the seat will not be filled because they will always be remembered and never forgotten. I think that overall this was a good project it was kind of rushed because of the short time and I didn’t really make something that is worth talking about for to long of time I did like the final look of it all I think that it came out very well.

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Artist Statment

My artist name is Salvador Dali, I chose him because his pieces are all very confusing and they are well done to works of “great” art his best pieces are most of them you look at them and think how does he do that because they all look great if you compare him to someone like Mondrian which in my opinion his art is a joke. Salvador Dali is an artist who has a bunch of ideas that are related but they look different and then he puts them together to create a certain type of montage you cant really imagine what is going through his head when you look at any of his artwork but you have an idea of what it is.
My mousepad has three of Salvador’s drawings mixed into one to make a montage one of the drawings was “Nature Morte Vivante” (Still Life-Fast Moving), also “Paysage aux Papillons”, and finally “Apparition of the Visage of Aphrodite” I did these because in my opinion they were my favorite pieces and I thought that they would look good together. The focal point of this mousepad in my opinion is probably the background which is the “Nature Morte Vivante” which is the best on because it almost looks computerized it’s so good it is a table with objects from ancient Greece and then a background of a ocean that looks entirely too real to be on a 2-D picture.
Like I said before I chose these three drawings because they were by far my favorite ones by him because the other ones are too creepy the have a weird figure in them which isn’t really cool but just plain creepy but the ones I did had more of a cool picture that just looked computerized I thought that all of them were montages so they already looked like they had been blended together so it wouldn’t take much to look good then again all of his pictures look like they are already blended with like five other drawings.
I used the computer as a tool by using the cut tool, the blend tool, and the cloning tool, I used the cloning tool the most because I thought that was the coolest tool I cloned a few of the objects from each of the pictures and placed them randomly throughout the mousepad. I think that it was a successful piece because it was easy do to the fact that most of Salvador Dali’s drawings already look as if they were placed randomly in the picture so it wasn’t hard to just put all of them together, next time I would get a different artist because I had a great idea for some of Leonardo Da Vinci’s pieces but it was just too late by the time I got there.

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Artist Statment

Vector Drawing
My piece is a vector drawing, it is a picture of me outlined with colors, and my background is a black background with blue streaks throughout the sides. I used a “blend” type tool to have small hardly noticeable blue dots in the background. I think that this was an easy project even though at some points it was difficult. I am putting on this pose because it was one that allowed most of my body to be in the picture. I knew I wanted a full body shot because I thought that if you only showed half your body then you kind of “half did” your piece, and I wanted to give a 100% of effort.

My colors are Black and blue because they are my favorite colors and I thought that I would bring them into my artwork because they look good together. I also thought since I was wearing a blue shirt in the picture I would blend well. Not to mention I’m wearing kind of dark- clothing meaning a dark background would go well in this piece especially with things like my shorts and even my shoes. The colors I chose don’t really give off a strong emotion. If they did have emotion it would probably more on the darker side, however I am far from a “dark” person, they are just simply my favorite colors and I thought that my cloths would go well with them.

I thoroughly enjoyed this piece because I have done this type of project before. Last year I recall doing this on my free time and developed a love for managing the pen tool and making a picture my own. Because I have experience in this department everything seemed to come natural to me, and the creative juices were flowing quite rapidly. I feel that projects make or a break a class in general and in this case this project was the highlight of the trimester, so much to do yet so much to enjoy. One thing that I wish I could change about this piece would have to be my background. I feel my background is too simple with the majority being a solid black color and the cheesy blue streaks streaming from my body. Overall the streaks gave my piece a more interesting and elegant appearance but I do feel they may have been a bit too plain Jane. At the same time I feel I did what I could with my background and pulled it off quite nicely, I believe that any other options with my individual skills in this software would have been far too complex. In the end I feel that this project was most enjoyable and a definite “keeper.”

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Artist Statement

EX- Libris
Artist Statement

Well my project was a picture of the suns rays and it was supposed to be looked at as if the sun was being separated and shining through the sky My imagery was in the calm and relaxed area of the ballpark but I will probably talk more about my imagery a little later on through out my artist statement , I think I captured that well my resulting project was pretty easy to pick colors because it was a sun so I went with an orange and a brownish yellow and I had a background color of sky blue and I also had white clouds which I think turned out pretty good. It physically looked very well I think that my craftsmanship was very good, I paid great attention to all of my lines and curves and I especially think that I nailed the art form because I got the idea from a picture online at yahoo, but I made a few changes to the piece such as the color and the different shapes in the picture. The picture I got it from colors were lame and did not look good and it didn’t have a good background.

My piece is art Deco because it is a picture of a sun it has a purpose which is a sunset I did a sunset because felt it was not too easy and not to complex it was a slight challenge at first because I didn’t get how exactly to do this project because I kept on referring back to composition which is just a bunch of random shapes through out the piece but art deco is more like pictures of certain things that’s when I quickly became aware of how to do it and I saw a prime example of how to do an art deco piece so I jumped on my chance and I feel that I capitalized on this project. I think that this is a B or higher project I met all the requirements and I did very well on the craftsmanship. I liked the project because it wasn’t very hard but it wasn’t easy it gave us a chance to work in the Photoshop and in illustrator and I enjoy working in both of those because its cool to have a picture and repair or create something from scratch and make brighter colors or
You can touch up your lines so it will look better, if it were up to me we would work in illustrator and Photoshop a lot more because it’s fun and easy to use.

If I look around the room most the people in the class are going with a dark imagery or a sad imagery which is good because then I will be one of the only ones with a calm and relaxed piece. My Imagery was trying to show a bright and sunny day, by using the sun I gave a happy more calm and relaxed feeling to it other than an angry and violent piece that a lightning storm would be or a picture of a person crying brings a sad imagery I tried to have a calm and relaxed imagery and I think that I nailed it on the head.


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